We help married couples and nearlyweds (seriously dating couples) FIND & FOLLOW JESUS by recentering their relationships around the GOSPEL. We offer classes and small groups that allow couples SPACE to hear TRUTH, HEAL & reignite their COMMITMENT to one another. Regardless if your marriage is going great, you are considering divorce, or contemplating marriage, we believe GOD IS FOR YOU.

Pre-Marriage Program


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2B1 is a premarital program that addresses common relationship questions and challenges from a Biblical perspective. Based on Genesis 2:24 (two become one), 2B1 is designed for engaged and serious dating couples. It’s a chance for couples to seek wisdom and receive Biblical counsel about marriage in a safe, fun, and authentic environment. The 8-week program, led by an experience, trained couple, is limited to 10 participant couples. 

If you and your significant other are interested in 2B1, please email below.

A Better Marriage Starts Here


Wednesdays 6:30-8:30PM at Center Pointe
August 21st - December 4th

Every marriage has room for improvement.  Whether your marriage is good and you want it to be great or you are at rock bottom and wonder if there is any hope, Re-Engage is a safe place to grow your marriage.  Each week, for 15 weeks, you will hear from couples whose marriages have been transformed. You’ll learn practical ways to grow in oneness with your spouse and gain insights from others in a small group setting. The $100 cost per couple includes the entire course, workbooks, snacks & t-shirts. If needed, childcare is also provided for birth to 5th grade for an additional flat rate of $50 per family. Spots are limited! 

What Couples Are Saying About Re-Engage

“With God’s help, we now have a more welcoming and safer environment for honest and open communication.”

“We argue less. We can now resolve issues with humility and forgiveness.”

“We’re handling our stresses much better. We’re modeling good behavior for our kids.”

Frequently Asked Questions

We will meet in person at Center Pointe Christian Church every Wednesday from 6:30-8:30pm from August 21st to December 4th. Our address is 5962 Hamilton Mason Rd, Liberty Township, OH 45011.

The Re-Engage term lasts 15 weeks, covering an extensive curriculum full of Biblically-based approaches to developing and maintaining a healthy marriage. Each week, couples meet in a large group to listen to a teaching or couple’s testimony, then move into assigned small groups for deeper discussion. Couples will stay with the same group throughout the Re-Engage experience. Between meetings, each person spends time reading a session introduction, answering questions, and discussing insights with their spouse. This preparation time prior to meetings can be 30 to 90 minutes.


Many marriage programs occur during a weekend or over a 6-week study. Re-Engage is an immersive 15-week experience where spouses progressively work on themselves first and then their relationship to improve how they function as a couple. The cumulative impact is significant.

Depending on the couples that register, we may be able to group them by life stage. No matter the group makeup, all couples will benefit by engaging in supportive dialogue and learning through each other’s experiences. Each group is led by a couple who has been through Re-Engage and will walk with you as you experience Re-Engage together. 

Not at all. While it does help for couples to be transparent about their challenges, neither the group nor the leaders try to counsel or “fix” them. The advantage of a group setting is hearing common problems and learning how couples are working through them.

Yes, for a additional flat cost of $50 per family. We offer childcare for kids from birth to 5th grade. When you register please select ‘I will need childcare’. Please indicate names, ages, and pertinent information on your registration form.

The one-time payment of $100 per couple helps cover the cost of materials and administration to put Re-Engage on during the 15 weeks. You and your spouse will each receive a Re-Engage workbook and a t-shirt at the end of the program.  Snacks, childcare (additional cost) and meals for leaders are also provided. We never want the cost to be a prohibiting factor to you from investing in your marriage, so if you cannot afford that right now, please just let us know. Most couples would agree that $100 is a minimal investment in the health of their marriage.

Both the husband and the wife must be committed to attending the sessions consistently and doing the work. Your investment of time and effort will determine your progress. We recommend that you not register if you will have to miss more than 3 sessions. You should talk with your small group leader if you need to miss a session.

If you’re currently in another group, you may be wondering whether you can add another nightly commitment into your schedule. That’s completely up to you. Some couples will want to take a hiatus from their community group so they can just focus on their Re-Engage experience; then they will rejoin their group afterward. If you think you can do both, great. We encourage you to pray through your decision.

Congratulations! You’ve taken an important step toward a long-term investment in your marriage. You and your spouse will work and learn together to restore closeness and oneness as you experience this journey together. Before Re-Engage starts, take this time to exercise grace and gratitude toward your spouse. Also, admit that you have some things to work on. If you’re not able to do that work yet, that’s okay. Hang in there and just feel good that you’ve made a good choice just by registering. We’ll see you soon.